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September's birthstone is Sapphire


Sapphires are renowned for their mesmerising blue colour, which ranges from deep azure to celestial cornflower hues. This captivating blue is the result of traces of iron and titanium within the gemstone's crystal structure. The intensity and shade of blue may vary, making each sapphire a unique masterpiece of nature.

Although sapphires are commonly associated with blue, they can occur in a spectrum of colours known as "Fancy Sapphires." These variations include pink, yellow, green, orange, and even rare colour-changing Sapphires. Each colour variation holds its own captivating beauty and charm.

We have a fantastic selection of Sapphire jewellery. Please feel free to call in and browse at your leisure or contact us for any special requirements involving this stunning stone.

Sapphires have long been associated with wisdom, royalty, and divine blessings. Throughout history, Sapphires adorned the robes and jewelry of royalty and clergy, symbolising power, protection, and spirituality. These gemstones are often linked with qualities such as truth, loyalty, and enlightenment.

Sapphires have adorned the crowns and jewelry of numerous royal families throughout history. One notable example is the stunning "Engagement Ring of Princess Diana," featuring a large blue Sapphire surrounded by Diamonds. This ring is now worn by Catherine, Princess of Wales, adding to the Sapphire's regal allure.

Sapphires are steeped in myths and legends from various cultures. Ancient Persians believed the Earth rested on a giant Sapphire, creating the blue sky. In Greek mythology, Sapphires were associated with the god Apollo, representing divine favor and wisdom. These stories add a touch of mystery and enchantment to these captivating gemstones.

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