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April's birthstone is Diamond


Diamonds are renowned for their exceptional brilliance and unmatched sparkle. Their ability to reflect and refract light is due to their high refractive index, making them the brightest gemstones in the world. This captivating play of light is what gives diamonds their mesmerising and enchanting appeal.


Diamonds are mined in various locations worldwide, including Russia, Australia, Botswana, and Canada.

We have a fantastic selection of Diamond jewellery. Please feel free to call in and browse at your leisure or contact us for any special requirements involving this stunning stone.

Diamonds hold the title of being the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. They rank 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them highly resistant to scratching. This exceptional hardness adds to their durability, making Diamonds an ideal choice for jewellery that can be cherished for generations.

For centuries, Diamonds have symbolised enduring love, strength, and commitment. They are a classic choice for engagement rings, representing a promise of eternal love. The rarity and beauty of Diamonds make them the perfect embodiment of lasting relationships and precious moments.

Diamonds have always held a mystical allure and have been associated with various beliefs and legends. Ancient civilisations believed that diamonds possessed healing powers and offered protection against evil. The strength and brilliance of Diamonds were often associated with divine qualities, making them sacred objects of reverence.

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