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January's birthstone is Garnet


The word Garnet comes from the Latin word Granatus, this can be translated to pomegranate which refers to the similarities between the colour of the fruit and this stone. Garnet has been used throughout history and has dated all the way back to being used in the Bronze Ages.

Garnet is found around the world, the most popular supplier of Garnet are countries within Africa, with lots being found in Namibia, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania. It can also be found in countries such as Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran and beyond.

We have a fantastic selection of Garnet jewellery. Please feel free to call in and browse at your leisure or contact us for any special requirements involving this stunning stone.

Garnet symbolises fire, strength, creativity and passion. It is said that the wearer will embody all these properties and also be freed of negative energy. Many people believe it can also improve relationships with friends and loved ones.

Garnet was very popular throughout history with ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, usually featuring on their necklaces. Garnet was also popular with the Romans, featuring on many signet rings and intaglios. Even during the Middle Ages Garnet was used to show nobility.

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