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March's birthstone is Aquamarine


The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin words aqua marina which means sea water. The stone is called this due to its resemblance to the colours of the sea. Aquamarine was not always called this, it used to be known as Sea Green Beryl, only since the 1600’s has there been evidence of the word Aquamarine being used.

Aquamarine varies in its colour, with it coming in very pale crystal blue to a very deeper and richer tone. The darker blues are the ones which are more valuable. The colour in Aquamarine is caused by iron inside the stone, the more intense the colour is, the more iron the stone has.

We have a fantastic selection of Aquamarine jewellery. Please feel free to call in and browse at your leisure or contact us for any special requirements involving this stunning stone.

For centuries it has been believed that Aquamarine can protect the person wearing it. It was a popular stone with ancient sailors, they believed wearing it would protect them granting a safe passage when coming home, this came from the Romans believing the Roman God Neptune was the first to find Aquamarine washed up on the shore after it fell out of a Siren’s jewellery box. It was then believed he did not want to lose any Aquamarine to the sea, so would protect anyone who wore it during their journey.

Some ancient civilisations believed that Aquamarine could increase intelligence, it could keep people youthful and also help give the wearer courage and happiness. It has always had very positive beliefs surrounding the stone, even that just by wearing it will bring you many good things. The Romans also believed it had healing properties, helping with the stomach, throat and liver. The earliest examples of Aquamarine being used in ancient times dates back all the way to 500BC, where it was found in a lot of jewellery.

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