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Do you need specialists to repair your diamond jewellery set? Are you looking to get jewellery customised for a special day? A & B Christie Jewellers offers quality repairs and jewellery alterations for clients in Blackpool.





Your jewellery will be treated with the utmost care

If your diamond jewellery is broken or damaged, then contact our experts at A & B Christie Jewellers. We can carry out most jewellery repairs, including diamond resetting. It does not matter how minor the repairs or how small the alterations may be, our experts will accommodate you. All your antique jewellery restoration needs will be taken care of by our experienced professionals with the utmost care that an antique deserves. You can also rely on us for broken watch repairs. 



A & B Christie Jewellers can create you bespoke jewellery to suit any occasion, make a memory that lasts a lifetime with bespoke jewellery. Get in touch with us or visit our shop in Blackpool. 



Is it the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night? Here are some tips to take care of your jewellery and make it last longer.

DONT SHOWER WEARING YOUR JEWELLERY. Certain chemicals found in shampoos and conditioners can make jewellery react in a negative way. It can damage the alloys and can cause rusting. When swimming in a swimming pool the chlorine can damage the metal, creating the need for your jewellery to be serviced. A plain metal wedding band is probably fine, but it's always better to take it off just in case.

Jewellery can take a dip in the pool or an occasional shower but it's better not to make it a habit and take it off if possible.

NEVER FORGET TO TAKE YOUR PIECES BACK TO THE JEWELLER. Many jewellers recommend getting your jewellery a check-up every six months, but once a year is generally acceptable, and it could really extend the life of your piece. Just like you wouldn't let your car go years without being serviced, don't skip this step either. 


With a professional service, your jewellery would be checked and cleaned. This could prevent any loss of stones and noticing any small issues before they become expensive problems, keeping your jewellery looking the best.

DON'T FORGET TO CLEAN YOUR JEWELLERY REGULARLY. A lot of the time jewellery can get covered in dirt and oils which can compromise the settings and can also damage the stones. It is highly recommended to clean your jewellery frequently to prevent this from happening.


Rather than risking damaging your jewellery with DIY methods (dish soap or toothpawste as examples), there's many jewellery cleaning products you can buy. We recommend using the Town Talk "Clean and Polish" collection, which you can find in our shop.

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