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February's birthstone is Amethyst


Amethyst is a stunning stone found across the world. Deposits have been found throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and also both North and South America. Amethyst is a rich purple colour and is one of few stones which are valued more on their colour rather than its carat, the more vibrant it is the higher value it holds.

Amethyst is seen as a sacred stone in many cultures, a lot of people have used Amethyst when creating prayer beads as it is said to helps with meditation and concentration. It is a stone which is connected with bringing peace and having calm thoughts. In the past some people have thought that it even has healing properties, with some cultures using it when trying to help cure illness and disease.

We have a fantastic selection of Amethyst jewellery. Please feel free to call in and browse at your leisure or contact us for any special requirements involving this stunning stone.

Amethyst has a rich history. Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans used to wear a lot of Amethyst jewellery and created vases and vessels using the stone as they believed it protected people from getting drunk. Amethyst has been found in Tutankhamun’s tomb and throughout Ancient Egypt on amulets and bracelets which some date back to 3000 BCE. In Ancient China Amethyst was associate with turning negative frequencies into positive ones. More recently Amethyst has been associated with royalty, this is due to its rich purple colour heavily associated with royalty across the world.

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